26 June, 2019
16:00 (Paris time)

Sheet Molded Compound (SMC) materials have been widely used in the industry with more recently applying SMCs on structurally more demanding components. Though the material has for long been considered quasi-isotropic with relative success, owing to the manufacturing process, the industry admits today that structural components can’t be optimally designed with SMCs based on purely isotropic considerations.
This webinar presents SMC
related major challenges and how Digimat is equipped to capture SMC mechanical response : the microstructure, ranging from dispersed long fibers to stacked uni-directional chips, the anisotropy, relying on microstructure induced by the manufacturing process, the weld line weakness, as a result of inserts or the usage of several charge patterns, the failure and damage growth, specific to the significant entanglement SMC materials exhibit.

SMC jun26.png



Pierre Savoyat

Business Development Engineer
for Materials