The 3 world of acronyms.. AEC, BIM & CFD

Sustainability and running costs are a major concern in the AEC industry, especially in light of rising concerns around climate change. It’s clear the best opportunities for improving building environmental performance is in early building design or pre-construction. What’s more it’s clear that the pressure to address these issues are no longer optional. To reach the goal of more sustainable building development, engineers, architects and designers are going to work closely throughout the entire design process, embracing the sorts of innovation that can win them new business, and make a significant impact for us all.

Join us for this special session which will explore how enterprises in AEC can better adopt simulation tools, incorporate them into their processes, use them to better optimize building performance and win new business. We’ll spend some time addressing some of the key trends, challenges, benefits as well as digging into specific technical solutions and even some virtual reality. We'll also be holding a special “Tech Clinic”, where we will be available to work on your specific building simulation challenges.


Introductions Registration, Tea & Coffee
Real Life Examples
    ♦ Overview: City Tsunami, Pollution, Office Building, Concert Hall, Car Park, Train Platform, Data Centre, Virus in a classroom.
    ♦ Deeper Dive Presentation 1:                                      Workflow Integration (D), City & Building Wind Simulation Solar Loading.
    ♦ Deeper Dive Presentation 2: Human Comfort; HVAC
Lunch & VR Google Fun
Demonstation Clean Room Facility
Customer Pollution Modelling with CSW