MSC Software is hosting a workshop at the University of Connecticut School of Engineering campus you are invited to attend. 

MSC Software is a world leader in developing engineering methods and a wide range of engineering analysis software applications. This workshop will discuss 3 simulation applications, engineering challenges in each application, and how MSC Software solutions are used to address these engineering challenges.

  • Driving Simulation – Driver-assistance systems and automated driving technology is continuously evolving. Simulations with the Virtual Test Drive enable engineers to create detailed virtual road environments and subsequently perform simulations on driver assistance and active safety systems.
  • Manufacturing Simulation – There are many types of manufacturing methods including welding, forming and additive manufacturing. Accurately predicting the mechanical behavior during and after manufacturing, designing suitable tooling, and determining the best manufacturing procedures are some of the goals an engineer faces. This workshop highlights the use of Simufact and how it is used to perform manufacturing simulations.
  • Structural Simulation – Automotive and Aerospace vehicles endure a wide variety of loading conditions and are designed to have the necessary strength but have specific comfort qualities. MSC Nastran is a structural analysis application used for stress, deformation and vibration analysis and will be highlighted in this workshop.
The software applications mentioned in this workshop are available for use at the University of Connecticut campus.

The following subject matter experts from several of MSC’s field and applications teams will present the material and be ready for one-on-one discussions with you:

  • Jeff Robertson: Simufact Solutions
  • Karthik Krishnan: MSC ADAMS, ADAMS Real Time & Vires VTD Solutions

Workshop Agenda

9:30am-11:00am – Session 1: Simufact Forming, Welding, and Additive Manufacturing

11:00am-11:15am – Break

11:15am-11:45am –
Session 2: Virtual Test Drive

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MSC Software Workshop Presenters:


Jeff Robertson, MSC Software

Simufact Account Manager

Jeff Robertson has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University and an MBA from Arizona State University.  He served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, achieving the rank of Captain.  Jeff has held multiple roles in engineering and finance at Fiat Chrysler US LLC including manufacturing finance.  His current role is technical business development manager for Simufact Engineering.  In that role, Jeff works with customers to solve technical challenges associated with their metal manufacturing processes including additive manufacturing, forming, and welding. 


Konrad Juethner, MSC Software

Aerospace & Defense Applications Team

Konrad Juethner is currently responsible for collaborating with MSC customers in aerospace and defense to make wise engineering decisions and build the best technical products. He previously worked as a contractor for Pratt & Whitney with previous assignments at Lytron, Comsol and Watlow and holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering degree from Washington University in Saint Louis.


Karthik Krishnan, MSC Software

Automotive & System Dynamics Application Team

Karthik Krishnan’s areas of expertise include autonomous vehicles, multi-body dynamics, road loads and durability, multi-physics simulation, process automation, design of experiments and optimization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He previously worked at Honda and LMS International. Krishnan has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University.