MSC Apex Iberian Lynx

MSC Apex’s latest product release – Iberian Lynx, delivers a new “Apex – MSC Nastran – Apex” workflow with enhanced up to 10x productivity in pre/post-processing for MSC Nastran using Apex. This release allows users to combine the world-class user experience of MSC Apex with MSC Nastran, the most trusted multi-disciplinary FEA solver by the industry.

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Apex – MSC Nastran – Apex Workflow

Allow users to import MSC Nastran BDF files, regenerate geometry from mesh directly, make modifications to part or assembly, export model for external MSC Nastran analysis, and import results back to Apex for post-processing. It is easier than ever for Nastran-based users to enhance their productivity by up to 10x when using Apex.

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Generative Global & Local Modeling Capacity

Support fast modification and edition on specific parts of an assembly with a variety of intelligent tools, which saves a huge amount of time compared to the traditional CAD-FEA workflow.

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Robust Customization and Automation Functionality

Provide enhanced Python scripting APIs to customize automation scripts for different purposes, such as accelerating repeated modeling and avoiding potential human errors. Aim to boost daily productivity to a higher level.

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MSC Apex Free Trial

Download and install a 30-day free trial of MSC Apex on your machine. MSC Apex Iberian Lynx is now available!