December, 17 2019

7:00 am Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)
9:00 am Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00)
4:00 pm Europe Time (Brussels, GMT+01:00)

Join us on December 17, for an exclusive presentation of Actran 2020, the latest major release of Actran. Built around an enhanced usability, Actran 2020 provides additional solutions for dealing with acoustic, vibro-acoustic and aero-acoustic challenges.

In the webinar, we will discuss some key highlights including:

  • Additional capabilities in Actran SEA module, the solution for large vibro-acoustic systems analysis at mid & high frequencies, including poro-elastic materials modeling and performances improvements;
  • New solutions for turbomachinery noise prediction including indirect combustion noise estimation using Cumpsty & Marble compact model and the account of aircraft nacelle inlet flow swirl in acoustic excitation definition;
  • The integration of Actran inside scFLOW, Hexagon | Cradle CFD solution, for simplified aero-acoustics predictions inside unified graphical interface;
  • New solutions for the ground transportation industry through the integration of automatic pass-by noise post-processing, mapping of rotating tire vibrations results and coupling with 1D-engine model for acoustic source characterization;
  • User experience enhancement thanks to a revisited visual clarity, a new integrated wizard for structure damping pads position optimization, integration of acoustic power radiation standards during post-processing and additional audio file generation options;
  • Faster and cheaper computations leveraging on new MUMPS solver granularities capabilities, PARDISO single precision implementation and out-of-core modes selection window.

Join us to learn more!

Who should attend?

  • NVH engineers and researchers
  • Acoustic experts
  • Actran Users
  • Project and Engineering Managers
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