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Affordable & Predictable Composites

Digimat Technology Day 2018 (Partner event of JEC World 2018)

Deep Dive into Micromechanics - The Technology behind Digimat
8:30-9:00 Welcome & Registration
Vision 2020 - Modeling for Affordable & Predictable Materials
Speaker: Dr Roger Assaker, CEO, e-Xstream engineering
General introduction to micromechanics and homogenization
Speaker: Dr Issam Doghri, Founder, e-Xstream engineering
From Processing to Component - Applicability and Limitations of Digimat for Teaching Integrative Simulation Methodology
Speaker: Zoltan Major, Martin Reiter, Anna Kalteis, Philipp Stelzer, JKU University
Coffee break

Introduction of Digimat, the multi-scale material modeling platform with DEMO of Digimat-FE and Digimat Additive Manufacturing Solution
Speaker: Dr Laurent Adam, R&D Director, e-Xstream engineering

12:15-12:45 Modelling short fibre reinforced materials and structures with Digimat

Speaker: Prof. Andrea Bernasconi, PhD, Politecnico di Milano

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Industrial Application of Digimat for Affordable and Predictable Composites
Welcome & Registration

Digimat Solution for Automotive
Speaker: Sylvain Calmels, Business Development Engineer Automotive, e-Xstream engineering

This session will focus on the trends in the automotive industry regarding the implementations of new composite concepts and how the multi-scale material modelling technology developed in Digimat is helping today to speed up and ease the development of such components from the material engineering level up to the full car application level.

Customer presentation: This session will be illustrated by a presentation from the industry.

Digimat Solution for Aerospace
Speaker: Anthony Cheruet, Business Development engineer Aerospace, e-Xstream engineering

During this session, we will have the opportunity to analyze how multi-scale modeling can be used to address some specific Aeronautics challenges. Illustrations on several capabilities will be provided, especially:

  • 3D woven modeling
  • Thermoset composites curing simulation
  • Effect of defect from Automatic Fiber Placement process

ICME Simulation of Composite Laminates
Speakers: Jon Gosse, Consultant, e-Xstream engineering & Andrea Browning, Product Manager, Schrödinger
16:00-16:30 Coffee break & Networking
Digimat Solution for Additive Manufacturing
Speaker: Olivier Lieater, Business Development Engineer Additive Manufacturing, e-Xstream engineering

During the Additive Manufacturing session, we will take the opportunity to illustrate how advanced simulation tools can be used to address the main challenges associated with Additive Manufacturing, such as the dimensional accuracy and the reliability of the mechanical properties of the final part. e-Xstream’s holistic simulation approach for Additive Manufacturing covers material engineering, process simulation and structural analysis and benefits the whole AM ecosystem
  • Process simulation gives the appropriate tool to printer OEM to achieve the high precision required by the industry
  • Material engineering to master and deploy dedicated plastics and composites
  • Part performance predictions to complete the engineering workflow which is daily applied for traditional manufacturing processes.

FDM Process Optimization and Structural Analysis
Speaker: Bender Kutub, Senior Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer, Stratasys

17:30-18:00 Panel discussion

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