Designing Better Industrial Robotics with Multibody Simulation Software

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Predict Dynamic Performance Before Physical Prototyping 

Why Download? 

  • As robots become lighter and operate under higher loads, traditional design methods (such as using pen-and-paper calculations or software to model just kinematics and simple dynamics) are losing effectiveness.
  • Early stage modeling of dynamic effects such as structural deformation and gear backlash are playing an increasingly important role in robot performance. 
  • Robot designers can increase the performance of their products by using multibody simulation (MBS) software to simulate the transient dynamic behavior of the complete robot mechanism and control algorithm. 

How Does it Work? 

  • MBS Software goes far beyond kinematic modeling
  • It provides a complete working prototype of the robot and task that it is performing, including handling, manufacturing or any other robot activities
  • Enabling designers to understand the effects of:
    • Component deformation
    • Contacts
    • Friction
    • Gear backlash
    • Vibration
  • Allowing designers to calculate the robot trajectory with a much higher level of accuracy
  • To accurately simulate and diagnose the dynamic performance of the robot under any operating scenario prior to building a physical prototype
  • This increases robot performance while helping companies get to market earlier, by reducing the amount of physical testing required

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