Digimat-RP, Accurate and Efficient Analysis of Reinforced Plastic Parts

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Digimat-RP (“Reinforced Plastics”) is a process-centric solution that empowers engineers to perform end-to-end simulations of Reinforced Plastic parts, linking their manufacturing processes to their final performance in a streamlined, high-fidelity and user-friendly manner.

Digimat-RP brings over 10 years of expertise in Reinforced Plastics modeling, packed in an easy to use solution that meets experts requirements as well as non-experts expectations. With its intuitive interface and guided workflow no training is required to get the best of the technology.


Key benefits

  • High accuracy with ease of use
  • Multiple performances (Linear & Nonlinear, implicit & explicit)
  • Integrated within CAE landscape (interfaces with major CAE injection/Structural codes)
  • Offers an extensive database of Reinforced Plastic Materials (Solvay/Rhodia, Sabic, Dupont, Ticona, EMS,…)
  • The industry standard: used and supported by major material suppliers, Tier1 and OEMs


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The software Digimat is the nonlinear multi-scale modeling platform for the simulation of composite materials and structures. It is used to perform detailed analyses of materials on the microscopic level and to derive micromechanical material models suited for multi-scale coupling of the micro- and macroscopic level. Digimat material models provide the means to combine processing simulation with structural FEA and This means to move towards more predictive simulation by taking into account the influence of processing conditions on the performance of the finally produced part.

Digimat is relied upon by Major Material Suppliers and Product Manufacturers Worldwide.


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