Simulation of Multibody Dynamics Lunch and Learns

Hands-On Lunch and Learns

  • Are you looking for a reliable solution for predicting the motion and loads in mechanical systems?
  • Have you ever thought of integrating your control system and mechanical system in a virtual environment, and then co-simulating the systems?
  • Are you curious about the state of the art methods to quickly model and simulate mechanical components to study product performance? 

If so, you are invited to attend one of our FREE Lunch and Learns that will teach engineers best practices for simulating multibody dynamics. Lunch and Learns will be offered for both Automotive and Aerospace industries, so pick the topic that is most relevant to you! 

Date Location Topic Time

Friday, March 31st
MSC Newport Beach
4675 MacArthur Ct, Ste 900
Newport Beach, CA 92660
12:00PM - 1:30PM


  • Welcome & Introductions/Grab Lunch
  • Adams 2017 Release Highlights
  • Adams 2016 Release Recap
  • Adams Explore Demo

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Yijun Fan is Product Marketing Manager at MSC Software for its System Dynamics programs, Adams and Easy5. He is an expert in both Adams traditional products and its newly developed technologies such as Adams/View, Adams/Controls, Adams-Marc Cosimulation, Adams-Actran integration, Adams-Fatigue workflow and so on. 

Karthik Krishnan works at MSC Software as a Business Development Manager in the System Dynamics business unit. He received a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University in 2007 and has since worked in multiple automotive OEMs. Throughout his career, Karthik has focused primarily on Vehicle Dynamics, Ride and Durability and using Adams to improve product development times, reduce costs, and standardize processes.