MSC Software 2011 Users Conference


October 4-6, 2011

Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa

3050 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, California, 92626
MSC Software is pleased to invite you to the 2011 Americas Users Conference. MSC's Users Conference is the premier event in the simulation and analysis community, bringing leading academics, engineers, technologists, designers, executives and managers from all over the world to exchange information and ideas, network with peers from industry, and gain access to the software developers that are redefining CAE. 
Frank Doerner
Vice President

The Boeing Company
Steve Jia
Chief Engineer

Litens Automotive Group

Christopher Oster
Model Based Systems Development Rollout Manager

Lockheed Martin
The Future for Advanced Structural Materials and Computational Design
Virtual Product Development at Litens
Evolving Lockheed Martin's Engineering Practices Through the Creation of a Model-centric Digital Tapestry


Learn from Industry Leaders :
- Keynote talks by MSC Software users
- Information from MSC Software partners to help you solve engineering problems

See What's Coming Next:
- MSC company & product strategy
- Product release plans

"Talking to some of your developers was a big plus by giving me insights into both your current software and what is coming in the future of FEA."



Who should attend:
Academics, engineers, technologists, designers, executives and managers who are users of MSC Software's tools and have an interest in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) analysis.

Why you should attend:
MSC Software's driving mission is to provide you with the latest information on the strategies and technologies that you can use immediately to enhance concept development, design, simulation, testing, manufacturing, and business performance. Presentations will be broken down into 5 solution tracks:

  • Process, Manufacturing & Automation
  • Structures I
  • Structures II
  • Systems & Motion
  • University: Research & Education
  • Composites & Fatigue
The MSC Software Users Conference is the only industry event dedicated to exploring all aspects of computer aided engineering. At the MSC Software Users conference, experts will gather to share their knowledge, best practices and strategies for developing products that meet the ever-increasing pressures of time, cost, quality, and performance.