Keynote Speakers

Dominic Gallello, MSC

Dominic Gallello
CEO & President, MSC Software Corporation

Presenting: 50 Years of Innovation

You will be taken back 50 years to celebrate great engineering achievement and the human spirit that made it happen -- and forward to the ends of the universe. 

Presenting: A New Era Begins

Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been.” Albert Einstein   - See what can happen when great engineers are challenged to invent the future of CAE.

Biography: Mr. Gallello is an established leader who brings to MSC a deep background in design software. Early in his career, he spent 11 years at Intergraph, leading the company's businesses in both China and Japan. Following his time with Intergraph, Mr. Gallello spent 10 years at Autodesk, serving as EVP Asia/Pacific, establishing and running the high growth Mechanical Division and later served as EVP for all design and engineering related products. Throughout his career, Mr. Gallello has established a track record of building great products, driving an intense customer focus and building global brands. He is on the Corporate Member Advisory Committee for Aviation and Aeronautics for the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) and is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Industry Leadership Coalition. Mr. Gallello holds both BA and MBA degrees from Monmouth University.

Ted Wertheimer, MSC

Dr. Ted Wertheimer
Director, Product Management, MSC Software Corporation

Presenting: 2013 Product Advances

Learn how the product advances with the MSC 2013 product roadmap will take your simulations forward with capability, performance and completely new solutions.

Biography: Dr. Ted Wertheimer, Director, Product management at MSC Software, has over 36  years of experience in finite element development,  most of which is focussed  in the fields on material nonlinearities, manufacturing, thermal sciences and software architectures. He has been the chief developer of the Marc finite element program. Dr. Wertheimer holds a BS degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from the University of Illinois, and  MS and PhD degrees in Applied Mechanics from Stanford University.  Previous to joining MSC he was Vice President of Engineer at Marc Analysis Research Corp. He has taught numerous classes both practical and theoretical on the use to finite element analysis and published numerous papers.

Doug Brennan, MSC

Doug Brennan
Director, Product Management, MSC Software Corporation

Presenting: A New Era Begins

Biography: Mr. Doug Brennan has vast experience in engineering development.  His past experience includes: Chief Analyst, Hunting Oilfield Services; Patran Product Manager; Director of MSC Software European Engineering Services; and Director of SimXpert Product Management.  Mr. Brennan is currently the Product Design Lead for MSC's New Technology Project.  Mr. Brennan holds a BSc Mechanical Engineering, University of Paisley, Scotland and Post-Graduate Studies in Fracture Mechanics & Fatigue, U of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Michael Lambert, MSC

Michael Lambert
Vice President, Americas, MSC Software Corporation

Presenting: Welcome & Opening Remarks

Biography: Mr. Lambert leads MSC's business across North and South America. Coming to MSC after four very successful years in sales management at Parametric Technology Corporation, a leading computer-aided design and product lifecycle management firm focused on medical device, high-tech and manufacturing industries, he uniquely combines an awareness of our clients' product development challenges, skill at executive relationship-building, and the managerial discipline to lead his team to a new level of operational excellence and productivity. Prior to his service to PTC, Mr. Lambert contributed for nearly a decade in multiple capacities at IBM, capped by three years as client manager in the OEM automotive industry. His understanding of the aerospace industry comes firsthand from his pre-IBM tenure as a U.S. Marine Corps officer leading various organizations in fixed-wing jet maintenance and supply chain operations. Mr. Lambert holds a Distinguished B.S. in Honors Mathematics from the U.S. Naval Academy.